Michaël Sztanke

Michael Sztanke

Michaël Sztanke was born in Paris in 1976. He became a reporter for RFI (Radio France Internationale) and cover all the asian’s stories. He decided to settle in Beijing in 2001 as a radio
and TV correspondent to cover Chinese stories. He stayed 4 years in Beijing. After that, he will move to Hongkong during 4 years also and done many Asian TV program for French TV channel.

Now based in Paris, he is reporter and Producer for BAOZI PRODUCTION its own TV production company with two partners, Feurat Alani and Severine Bardon who are also reporter.

Asia, the workers upheaval
52’ documentary broadcasted by France Télévisions, February 2013.
Directed by Michaël Sztanke.
Poland, the agricultural revolution
17’ report broadcasted by France 2, June 2012.
Directed by Michaël Sztanke.
Towards a free trade-unionism in China?
12’ report broadcasted by Arte, May 2013.
Directed by Michaël Sztanke.
No more “Made in China”?
12’ report broadcasted by France 24, May 2012.
Directed by Michaël Sztanke and Séverine Bardon.
Forced wedding under the Khmer Rouge
10’ report broadcasted by France 24, December 2011.
Directed by Michaël Sztanke.

« Chinese students, who is tomorrow’s elite ? »
Autrement Edition, collection Frontières, Paris, april 2004.
Han Dongfang, My fight for chinese workers
Michel Lafon Edition